Lester Levenson Fear

Lester Levenson's Ideas of How to Create Money Using The Sedona Method

Lester Levenson, American Master and creator with the Sedona Method Release Technique asserted wealth originates from the spirit of giving. "Freely give, and freely you may receive." A consciousness of having produces more having. Like attracts like. He said our real nature is to be very wealthy, and in reality, unlimited, but we have lost sight of that fact. Why? We have over lifetimes of suppression of feelings and needs, covered over our real nature.

We all have been running our everyday life from a 90% subconscious, robotic degree of automatic limitation and misery. We have become slaves to jobs which do not pay enough. Lester said there exists a "slave consciousness". We mistakenly believe that our security develops from a job. Years of incorrect teaching from childhood bring about this. Go to school, obtain a good job, etc. There is no teaching of methods being rich or how to create wealth.

What exactly is money? So how exactly does abundance happen for all of us? Lester asserted releasing our NON WINNING beliefs allows the natural wealth to lower looking for us. Simple. Masters all teach exactly the same thing: There is nothing to become added to us. We have been complete and ideal at our core Beingness. When we feel an appreciation and selfless giving, that, says Lester, attracts wealth to us easily. Effortless, actually. What the law states of Attraction says the same thing.

The important difference with Lester Levenson's strategy is that we must release our non winning beliefs, or programs, so that our subconscious doesn't sabotage our actions once we attempt to progress to success. Releasing using the Sedona Technique is the most effective and rapid method of doing this in the world today.

The non winning beliefs Lester spoke about were, " I will be too old", "I am bad enough", "I am not smart enough", etc. These are all released with the Sedona Method training. While letting go, we also become happier and much more loving.

Lester Levenson Fear - The Sedona Method teaches releasing the deep Master Programs that lay within all of us from birth. This is actually a new process, never before observed in the world.